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Ann Bauer

Underground Mama, Founder

I’m the mother of three children. My older son died last year—of no medical cause—at 28. He was a glorious, frustrating mix of autistic brilliance and mental illness. There’s no question he talked to God. He spent time in locked psych wards, painting studios and pot farms. I love him with all my heart. Still.
My younger son is a funny bearded man who looks like a South American dictator. In reality, he’s the dearest, wisest most devoted kid a mother ever had. He’s a chef, a botanist and a healer. A long time ago We went through a dark period together. He came out of it scarred but with the biggest heart I know.

My daughter is badass. At 13, she played football on the boys’ league. She ran straight toward the guys who taunted her and crushed them flat. Today she's a U.S. Naval officer on board a warship. She married a Marine. Together, they could run a small country. At least.